Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No to media and bloggers harassment

As a writer, I once in awhile encounter people who seek help to expose another person's activity, which they perceive to be out of line. I have some sort of a mental checklist on how to handle this especially when the outcome shall ruin a person's reputation and there's no anchor legal action.

This happened to me last month and was "told" to get clarification from Abe on this supposedly expose. During our discussion, it dawn to me that we were being pressured by this person and shall be done to more bloggers further. As Abe knows the angle of the issues much better, we agreed to just get it done and over with to end our agony. I wrote the mental checklist piece in my column that week to prepare myself and the readers should this blow out of proportion.

But I realized that the person who pressured us at that time didn't took any action after Abe posted the story. At the end of the day, harassing me resulted - to being used to push Abe to go ahead and write it - for the sake of publicity.

After two weeks, I got calls from my two editors who were also contacted and saw the sites. We discussed what happened and agreed on how to deal with it.

So I say, no to media and bloggers harassment!

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